Diversity Affairs

The University of Arkansas Diversity Affairs website has excellent local gender-related links. However, gender and diversity concerns on our local level are obviously related to national and international issues. Below is a limited selection of sites concerned with human rights, the treatment of women, and business issues related to gender and sexual identity.

HR Safe Zone Training

The Safe Zone Allies Orientation is designed for open discussion and to promote education of the LGBTQ community to increase inclusion by valuing people of all sexual and gender identities. This session will provide a network of educated and supportive allies for LGBTQ  students, faculty and staff at the University of Arkansas.

At the U of A diversity means the inclusion of and respect for the variety of experiences and characteristics that keep our campus community vibrant. We celebrate the many dimensions of ethnicity, age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, socioeconomic background, personal history and intellectual perspective.

Amnesty International
Doctors Without Borders
Human Rights Campaign
Human Rights First Human Rights Watch

Treatment of Women

European Union Gender Equity
Feminist Majority Foundation
National Organization for Women
National Women's Studies Association
United Nations WomenWatch

Sex/Gender Issues in the Workplace

Center for Gender Sanity
Diversity Central
PRIDE at Work
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission